Unlocking Queensland's Cyber Security Potential

Welcome to the

Cyber Skills Enrichment Program

The cyber security industry is currently facing a significant talent shortage that is anticipated to widen over the coming years.

To tackle this issue, the Australian Government, through AusIndustry, has provided select industry partners with appropriate funding to develop key programs and initiatives aimed at reducing this gap.

Cyber Audit Team (CAT), together with our educational partner Griffith University (GU) are thrilled to have been selected to deliver our joint initiative – The Cyber Skills Enrichment Program.

This program is designed to unlock Queensland’s cyber security potential and bolster the cyber security workforce by increasing the ‘quality and quantity’ of job-ready skilled workers in this field.

Under this program, candidates will receive hands-on, real-world cyber security training that will assist them enter and thrive within the field of cyber security.

To optimise the volume of candidates through the program, we have developed a two-pronged approach:

Cyber Security Training

If you’re thinking about entering the cyber security industry, but are unsure where to start, how to enter or possess limited knowledge or skills, then this program will provide you with appropriate guidance and support, whilst also offering structured learning paths.

These free or ‘limited fee’ courses will specifically cater to your current skill levels and knowledge. They will be geared towards developing skills in various specialisations within the cyber security industry and may also be micro credentialed or vendor certified (where available).

The training pathway is designed to assist you in developing your cyber security knowledge and skills, which will assist in opening doors to diverse career opportunities, whilst increasing your employability within this exciting and emerging industry.

Paid Industry Placements

If you’re an aspiring cyber security professional, who demonstrates strong IT skills, or emerging to intermediate cyber security skills, and you’re keen to gain a position in cyber security, then you may be eligible to apply for a paid industry placement.

These paid placements will be based out of our Gold Coast offices near Griffith University, with both full-time and part-time positions available. Should you be successful in obtaining a paid placement you will benefit from a structured training pathway designed to develop your cyber security knowledge and skills, supporting your growth through mentoring from industry-respected professionals.

This real-world and role-specific training will ensure that once you complete the program, you will possess relevant skills and knowledge to be considered ‘job-ready’, increasing your employability and opening doors within the exciting and emerging industry of cyber security.

According to the recent Gender Dimensions of the Australia Cyber Security Sector report, women comprise just 17 per cent of Australia’s cyber security occupations in 2021 and 16 per cent of the ICT Security Specialist job classification. We are committed to increasing diversity in our industry, and for this reason, we strongly encourage women to apply.

Whether you’re interested in developing your skills through cyber security training or gaining real-world cyber security experience through a paid placement – we look forward to welcoming you along this exciting journey!