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Managed IT Security Services – How they differ to standard managed IT services and IT support & why it matters.

How Managed IT Security Services (MISS) differ from existing IT Support or standard Managed IT Services?

Whether your business employs an internal IT team or an external Managed Service Provider (IT MSP), in most cases, these teams do not include highly skilled, dedicated IT Security specialists. Very few MSP contracts include or address specific IT security or cyber security controls or mechanisms.

An IT team or MSP’s core mandate is focused on providing service continuity to the organisation, often with security being an afterthought or pushed lower down the priority list. This leaves potential security gaps in information systems that can leave an organisation vulnerable to compromise or a data breach.

Recent reports from AustCyber, and other industry professionals, estimate a shortfall of 20,000-30,000 people in Australia alone.

With a chronic shortage of experienced IT and cyber security professionals within the industry, experienced security professionals are hard to find, expensive to recruit and even harder to retain long term.